Network hardware Solution

NHSolution is the specialized brand of Verelink Inc. to provide qualified network hardware.

Verelink Incorporated is a server solutions company dedicated to providing quality services for those who wish to develop an Internet presence. We offer many services related to software creation, web development, and server solutions to drive business needs. We are IT professionals with the industry sense in bring the technical jargon to a real world perspective.

We believe that productivity is driven by complex ideas simplified into piecewise manageable components. Thus, the structure of our company is to provide the best customer care and technical needs to you without compromising our internal hardware systems or marginalizing our IT experts.

Professionalism, customer satisfaction, and continuous development are all part of an ecosystem that makes us all happy. Verelink goes behind this creed with the philosophy to not only satisfy your needs but also create new ways in innovative IT infrastructure, which in turn will feed back to your needs.

We are here to lead the next generation of Internet business.